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True Adjustment Trends™  (TAT)
$19.90 Per Report

xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)  Intuitive, Easy-to-Use Software Design and Layout Includes 1 Year
        of Updates and 7 Days Per Week  Email Technical Support, then
        Yearly Renewal at $99 or $198 per year. Order links are below.
xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)  Includes the latest Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, and VA Forms,
        Lender/Client Specific Forms, and AMC Specific Forms, USPAP
        Addenda, Map, Sketch, and Photo Addenda,Text/Image Addenda,
        and more.
xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)  There is no government sponsored or government recommended
        Real Estate Appraisal Forms software.  You can select and use
        any forms software from any software provider you want.
xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)  Free Building Sketch/Floor Plan Processor
xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)  Auto-Mapping - On-Line, and Up-To-Date.  Subject and
        Comparables are Mapped and Labeled Along with the Straight
        Line Distances and Postal Equivalent Addresses.   Also includes
        Aerial and Topographical Auto-Mapping.   Maps Sales, Listings,
        and Rentals on One Map Color Coded or Separate Maps.  Also,
        custom map features for Court Work.
xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)  Free On-Line Official FEMA Flood Maps and Census Tract,

        Census Block, and Census Block Group, Directly From the Source,
        and the Most Accurate and Reliable.
xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)  GPAR™ General Purpose Appraisal Report
xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)  New ERC® Summary Appraisal Report (Licensed Separately)
xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)  UAD Ready - 100% Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac / FHA / FHA EAD /

        VA Compliant
xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)  UAD and FHA EAD Compliance Checker -  Checks  Required

        Fields to Prevent UCDP and FHA EAD Hard Stops, Warnings,
        and Fatal Errors.  Finds Errors and Helps you make the right
xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)  Comp (CU) Consistency Checker - Allows you to check Subject
        and Comparable properties for prior use and inconsistencies in
        every report. It also allows you to select and re-use any prior
        Subject or Comparable property by  inserting it into your new
        report along with the corresponding photo.
xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)  XML Delivery to Lenders and AMCs - MISMO 2.6 GSE and

        non-GSE XML - 100% Fannie Mae /Freddie Mac / FHA /
        FHA EAD / VA Compliant
xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)  AI Ready™ (AppraisalPort® , ENV, or XML Delivery). 
xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)  Xome Plug-In Delivery (Formerly Assurant and StreetLinks)
xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)  ACI HotSPOT and Sky Delivery Certified - Used by Certain Major

        AMCs to process PDF, and XML reports.
xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)  Digital Signature Security using RSA Encryption Technology per

        the new FHA EAD Specifications that can be used right now for
        any XML report.
xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)  100% Compatible to Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, or XP, (32

        and 64 Bit Versions), operating on any Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, or
        any other device. Easily go paperless in the field.
xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)  Rock Solid Programming - No Glitches, No Bugs, No Lockups, and

        No Crashes
xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)  AMC, Lender, and Private Work Compliant
xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)  There is a no refund policy for FPS.  The FPS software, developed

        over 40 years, performs as described here, and is fully tested, rock
        solid, with no glitches.  Requesting refund for FPS bars you from
        using TAT AGI.
xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)  HomePuter® does not solicit users of other software providers
        and does not publish comparisons to or opinions about any other
        software providers.
xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)  HomePuter® does not convert files from other software providers,
        aside from the copy/paste method for text and images.
xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)  HomePuter® will be offering  the new URAR that's in development
        by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)  Expert and Prompt Technical Assistance by Email 7 Days a Week
xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)  FPS operates on any single monitor, or multiple monitors, touch

        screen or  non-touch screen.  A 24" pivot monitor is shown below,
        rotated 90 degrees to display the entire form. 
xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)  A complete Step-by-Step Procedure Manual is included with a

        Getting Started Quickly Making a Complete Report section.
xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)  If you are new to the UAD (Uniform Appraisal Dataset),  this

        software is an excellent teacher.
xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)  Right click a field anywhere on any form to display your custom
        field specific pick list, displayed and sorted, ready pick from.
xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)  Merges duplicate data entries from the main form to the other
        pages in the same form and to the addenda.

           Screen Form Animation 2.gif (149043 bytes)

If you want to create a convincing and accurate report, you need TAT.  TAT does the following for you:

xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)  TAT is a service that ENTIRELY completes the Sales Comparison
        Analysis portion of your Appraisal Report.
xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)  Use TAT so that your report’s users cannot undermine your work.
xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)  You only need to review and accept the results.
xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)  We're putting the power of analytics back into the Appraiser's

        hands with TAT.
xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)  TAT is for Appraisers only.
xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)  TAT was created by Appraisers for Appraisers.
xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)  TAT provides a transparent and detailed report with all the data
        sources, outputs, and predictions for each comp, and the subject

        property's predicted Market Value.
xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)  (TAT) identifies the six comps that are most similar to your subject

        property, utilizing a variety of criteria. Once selected, TAT
        seamlessly exports these comps into the sales comparison grid,
        complete with all necessary adjustments. This streamlined process
        not only enhances the accuracy of your appraisals but also
        significantly reduces the time and effort required for manual data
        entry and analysis.
xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)  TAT generates a comprehensive sales comparison report with
        market-based adjustments for every significant variable.
xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)  TAT automatically adjusts the values of the comps for every
        significant variable, such as size, condition,  quality, amenities, and
        market trends, using a sophisticated algorithm that accounts for
        non-linear interactions, multicollinearity, and other complex factors.
xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)  TAT uses our cutting-edge Stepwise Multiple Regression

        model, HomePuter® DMS AGI (Artificial General Intelligence),
        to analyze and adjust for up to 31 variables, and determines
        and adjusts for the Condition and Quality of the comps and
        provides the UAD ratings for the same .
xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)  
TAT AGI determines the Condition and Quality of the comps
        and provides the UAD ratings for the same. TAT takes the
        guesswork out of Condition and Quality ratings as part of
        the AGI process and makes all of the adjustments.
xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)
 TAT AGI does a deep dive into the data for each comp to
        determine its Quality and Condition, not only of the Kitchens
        and Baths, but of all of the components that together make
        up the general Condition and Quality required in the Sales
        Comparison Analysis.
xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)  TAT achieves a high degree of accuracy and reliability with

        R-squared values above 98% for ALL property types.
xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)  TAT increases your productivity and efficiency.
xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)  TAT reports are quick and accurate. You can trust us to deliver

        precise reports on the same day as your request.
xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)  All TAT results and reports are 100% derived from the market!

        Not from cost data.  The cost-based method is not a reliable or
        valid tool for market analysis. It has been challenged and rejected
        in several legal cases.
xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)  TAT is the result of three years of intensive development, taking

        into account the feedback and challenges of appraisers
        worldwide.  It builds on over four decades of experience and
        innovation in the base software.   TAT is now powered by
        HomePuter® DMS AGI, a cutting-edge Artificial General
        Intelligence system.
xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)  With TAT, avoid claims of bias with an addendum that shows how

        all the adjustments were derived from the market. If a client
        questions a comp, refer them to the color-coded map with the
        gross adjustments for all comps in the model.
xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)  TAT uses a color-coded map to indicate the most suitable comps

        based on  their gross adjustments. The colors are: green for best,
        orange for caution, red for not recommended, and black for do
        not use.    The Sales Comparison Report automatically brackets
        features like GLA and Site size.
xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)  TAT adapts to any situation with a flexible model that handles
        non-linear interactions, multicollinearity, and other complex

xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)  TAT includes a correlation matrix to show the relationship between
        variables in your data set.
xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)  TAT includes a correlation matrix that shows how each variable

        affects the value of your subject property and the comps, giving you
        a clear and transparent overview of the data.
xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)  TAT adds an addendum explaining how the model works, benefits

        you and your clients, and complies with industry standards and
        best practices.
xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)  TAT generates a comprehensive sales comparison report that is
        reliable, accurate, and easy to understand. You can save time,

        money, and hassle and impress your clients with professionalism
        and expertise.
xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)  TAT creates box plots for each significant variable in your data set,
        so you can see how they are distributed and where your Subject
        Property stands among them.
xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)  TAT maps all the comparable properties (comps) that you have
        selected for your analysis and shows their location distribution in
        the addenda section of the report.
xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)  TAT plots a scatter graph with R-squared, COV, and standard

        error  values, so you can assess the fit and variability of the
        regression model that it uses to adjust the comps.
xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)  TAT works with limited sales data and handles rural properties

        with ease, by using advanced techniques such as spatial analysis
        and machine learning.
xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)  TAT imports the Sales Comparison Report with all the adjustments
        to HomePuter® FPS only so you can save time and effort in
        completing your appraisal. Until further notice, TAT is for FPS users
        only. For non-FPS users, click “Contact TAT via Email” below and
        ask to be added to our waiting list.
xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)  With TAT, you can include the entire report in your appraisal. Or

        keep it in your work file so you can have a robust defense against
        reviews and audits
xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)  TAT extracts accurate land values in built-up markets using market
        data, by applying the extraction method and adjusting for site
xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)  TAT exceeds any outputs generated from Collateral Underwriter

        (Fannie Mae)  or ACE (Freddie Mac)
xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)  We prioritize your privacy. Rest assured that your data remains
        strictly confidential and is neither sold nor shared with any third
xbox.jpg (1118 bytes)  TAT supports seamless uploads via MLS, public records, or any

         service that facilitates the creation of CSV files.

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TAT Reports are $19.90 each.  Minimum order
10 per year, totaling $199 for FPS users, and
$499 for non-FPS users.  Order here.  After 10
reports, the charge is $19.90 for each report.

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4) Your Sales Comparison Analysis is complete with 6 adjusted comps, indicated
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All done and ready for your review. A huge time savings.

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