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Q: Is there a separate charge for technical support?  A: No. 

Q: Do you ever upgrade the software?  A:  Yes.

Q: How often do you upgrade? A:  One (1) or more times per year.

Q: Are upgrades low cost after my initial purchase? A:  Yes, the lowest cost in the appraisal industry. 

Q: Will the software continue to operate if I do not upgrade? A:  Yes, however, the appraisal industry does not want to receive reports that are not in compliance with the latest updates, so certain feature(s) will be disabled if our upgrade service is not renewed.

Q: Do I have to purchase an upgrade to continue receiving technical support? A:  No, unless it has been more than one year since your last purchase. 

Q: If I purchase the software and am a new customer, do I need to purchase the upgrade also? A:  No.   You will receive one (1) year of upgrades at no change.

Q: Is there a guarantee? A: Yes.  There is a 30 day money back guarantee.  This applies to new customers only.

Q: Is your technical support prompt, dependable, and knowledgeable?  A: Yes, EXPERT technical support is 7 days a week.  HomePuter® is patient and will work with you until any issue is resolved.  Click the following button to email HomePuter®.  Note:  Our email address is   homeputer@homeputer.com

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Q: Why is this software so inexpensive?  A: HomePuter® has been developing appraisal software for over 40 years.  Experience and good customer relations keep it simple.  Simple translates to a lower volume of technical support and staff, thus reducing cost and making it affordable to all appraisers.
Q: Is this really a true Windows based software package?  A: Yes, and it uses the simplest controls and most powerful technology.

Q: What operating systems does this software work in? A:   Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Windows 11  (32 and 64 Bit Versions for all mentioned Windows versions). 

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Q: How much space will this software take up on my hard disk? A: Approximately 60 megabytes.
Q: Are there installation instructions? A: Yes.
Q: Is this software easy to install? A: Yes.   Q: Is delivery by Download A: Yes.
Q: How does this software work?   A: After opening the software, you select the forms and addenda to include in your report and then the report is displayed on the screen.  The screen looks like the selected form or addendum.   There are over 180 forms and addenda to choose from.  The forms and addenda in the report are listed as icons to the left of the report.  Click on the icon that corresponds to the page you want to view or edit.  Select by page or section.   Above the form or addendum are simple command buttons and a menu bar.  You fill in the blanks by typing and/or selecting from pick lists and use the new, intuitive, and easy-to-use design and
layout of the interface.
Q: Do I need a digital camera or scanner to use the forms, sketch, or map features in the software?   A:  No
Q: Can I plot a floor plan and make a complete sketch addendum? A: Yes.  Q: Will it automatically calculate the square feet?  A: Yes.  Q: Can I further modify the calculations grid? A: Yes.  Q: Can I drag and drop icons, rooms, partitions, and doors onto the sketch? A: Yes.  Q: Can I label the rooms and insert text? A: Yes.
Q:   Can I use my old sketch processor (by another company) with HomePuter®?  A: Yes, if it supports the Windows Clipboard, i.e., copy and paste method, or if you can save your sketch to an image format, i.e., .tif, .jpg, .bmp, .wmf, .emf, or .png.   For example, you can import a complete Apex sketch per instructions in our manual.  The HomePuter® software does already include an excellent sketch processor. 
Q: Can I scan my signature and have it print with my report?  A: Yes, and the supervisory signature as well.  The signature(s) only have to be scanned once.
Q: Can I choose the forms and addenda for the entire appraisal report and process the report as one continuous job that includes all of the forms and addenda?  A: Yes. 
Q: Can I print just one form or addendum to my fax or PDF writer?  A: Yes.
Q: Can I Auto-Map, or scan a map or document, label it, and then print it as a map addendum, supplement addendum, or as a stand alone form?  A: Yes.   Q:  Where can I get Official FEMA flood maps and do I have to pay for them? A: You can download them to the HomePuter® software in a popular image format free from FEMA's web site.  The flood maps include the Community - Panel Number, Effective Date, Zone Information, and letters of map change (LOMC).   Instructions are included.  Q:  Where can I get the Census Tract information and do I have to pay for it? A: You can download the Census Tract information to the HomePuter® software free from a certain government Web site.  Instructions are included.
Q: Instead of scanning, can I copy and paste a map or document from another source, i.e., other map software and the internet.  A: Yes.   Q: Can I open a map from another source saved in a popular image format, e.g., .JPG (JPEG), .TIF (TIFF), etc..  A: Yes. 
Q: Will this new software load my old files from any previous Homeputer® software versions?  A: Yes.
Q: Will an addendum merge applicable data from the appraisal report form?  A: Yes.  It will merge any applicable data that has already been entered once.  Q: Can I choose to modify the merged data?  A: Yes.  Q: Can I choose to fill out an addendum from scratch?  A: Yes. 
Q: Will the digital photo addenda merge applicable data for the photos as well?  A: Yes.  It will merge the subject data and the address, sale price, date of sale, age, total rooms, bedrooms, baths, and total GLA above grade of the comparable sales.
Q: Can I label each photo and leave out the data?  A: Yes
Q: Can I download photos directly from my digital camera, scanner, floppy disk, hard disk, card reader, or flash drive?  A: Yes
Q: Can I drag-and-drop or cut-and-paste photos from any compatible source including MLS and the internet? A: Yes
Q: Can I add a cover page with the subject photo at the top?  A: Yes
Q: Can the digital photo addenda be used also for listings, rentals, interior, exterior, or make up my own, as well as for subject and comparable photos?  A: Yes. 
Q: Does this software stand alone? A: Yes   Q: It is self sustaining? A: Yes  Q: Do I need to purchase other software to make it work? A: No. 


To make a PDF (Portable Document Format) file that you can secure and e-mail, you need a PDF writer which is usually in the form of a printer.  You may already have one.  If not, we recommend the "PDF-XChange Standard V6.0"

Instructions are included in the HomePuter®  software  to order, download, and install the "PDF-XChange Standard V6.0" writer which is an industry compatible PDF Writer and also low cost. The price will be approximately $53.

Q: Is there a manual? A: Yes.  The manual is displayed on screen and can be printed.  It is easy to read and includes step-by-step "Getting Started Quickly"   instructions.
Q: How does it compare to other form filling software? A: In corresponding with many customers who have used or tried other software programs - they say our software is the easiest and fastest on the market.  Check out what customers have to say by clicking here.  These Customer Comments and Reviews were unsolicited, meaning we did not ask or compensate in any way:

Comments and Reviews From Users
Q: Who is HomePuter®? A: A software company that has been developing appraisal software for over 40 years.  And, a past appraisal company who has performed most every type of appraisal service.
Q: Can I run this software both on my work and home computer? A: Yes, but you have to be the only user and operator of the software.  Other appraisers have to purchase their own software.
Q: What printers work with this software? A: Any Windows compatible printer.
Q: What scanners will work with this software.  A:
  1. Any Scanner that is TWAIN compliant which is most scanners.
  2. Any Scanner that saves the scans to disk in the following formats: [.JPG/JPEG],  [.TIF/Tagged Image File Format], [.BMP/Windows Bitmap].
  3. Any Scanner that supports Drag and Drop transfer with the above #2 formats.
Q: What cameras will work with this software?  A:  Any digital camera on the market.
Q: Do you accept on-line payment by Credit Card or Bank Account? A: Yes.  To order, click this button:

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Q: Do you process EDI or Web Services, i.e., can I e-mail or upload an appraisal to a client? A: Yes. 

1)  The HomePuter® software is compatible to any industry recommended PDF writer.  An appraisal report can be printed to a PDF file that you can e-mail to any client.  The PDF file will have the look and feel of the actual report and can be viewed on screen or printed, from the free Adobe Acrobat Reader which most receiving clients will already have or can download from Adobe at  [www.adobe.com]. 

2)  The HomePuter® software is Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac UAD (Uniform Appraisal Dataset), FHA, FHA EAD, and VA compliant so that you can deliver your appraisal to lenders/clients via MISMO 2.6 GSE and non-GSE XML.

3)  The HomePuter® software is 'AI Ready' so that you can deliver your appraisal to lenders/clients via AppraisalPort®, ENV, or Enhanced ENV. 

4)  The HomePuter® software is HotSPOT and Sky Delivery certified to upload your appraisal  to lenders/clients that require ACI HotSPOT or Sky Delivery.

Q: Can I save an appraisal to a flash drive, or an on-line storage service, and then open and work with it on another computer? A: Yes. The other computer must have the HomePuter® software installed.
Q: Can one HomePuter® user e-mail the appraisal to another HomePuter® user? A: Yes.  If your associate also has the HomePuter® FPS, he or she can e-mail the appraisal to the home office.
Q: Do you put our personal or company name on the software or printouts? A: No.
Q: Can I put my personal or company name in the top margin of the appraisal form, e.g. URAR? A: Yes.
Q: What were the upgrades made to each version up to the latest HomePuter® FPS Version 9.4?    A: 

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