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Please scroll down to see an example of our UAD interface. 

Note: This example is intended to show our UAD Interface and is not an actual appraisal.

We have taken all of the work out of entering the data.   Our interface is simple and clean. 

It's never been easier to comply with USPAP and the new Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac UAD (Uniform Appraisal Dataset).

The Compliance Checker checks for error and omissions and helps you make the right choices.  Just click the "Check Compliance" button and the software will guide you through the selections field by field.  If you are new to the UAD (Uniform Appraisal Dataset),  this software is an excellent teacher.

The Comp (CU or Collateral Underwriter) Consistency Checker, allows you to check Subject and Comparable properties for prior use and inconsistencies in every report.  It also allows you to select and re-use any prior Subject or Comparable property by inserting it into your new report along with the corresponding photo.  Just click the "Check Consistency" button and a build-in spreadsheet displays all Subject and Comparable property instances in all of your reports including photos, with the above mentioned controls.

Once in our software, just follow the UAD instructions at the top.  Below is an example.  Here, the Condition field on page 1 is right clicked.  The corresponding UAD extended selections are displayed.  All you have to do is select from the pick lists and fill in the comments.  There is even an overflow comment field for comments that will not fit on the form itself and are automatically entered onto a supplement addendum.  The comments and overflow comments can be added to a pick list so that you can select them in the future without entering again.  As stated above, the "Check Compliance" feature can be used as well to go through these items automatically and help you make the right choices.

When your report is complete just click "MISMO 2.6 GSE XML" and your report will be saved and ready to deliver in the new Fannie Mae/Freddie XML delivery format.

In addition, the UAD definitions and abbreviations are printed with the report in order to comply with the appraisal reporting requirements of USPAP.

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For your convenience, just click "Help" or double click any field for complete UAD instructions pertaining to that field.  There have also been pertinent Q&A that we added to the corresponding fields.  See below.

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