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Preview - Free Auto-Mapping, Free Flood Maps, and Manual Mapping

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Free On-Line, Up-To-Date, Auto-Mapping.   Preview below.  Press one button and the Subject and Comparable Sales and Listings are mapped and labeled along with the straight line distances, direction, and Postal equivalent addresses per Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac Guidelines.  The map is less cluttered so that the comps can easily be found for exterior inspection by the appraiser or client.

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Free Official Flood Maps..  Why purchase third party FEMA flood maps when you can download and label free aerial flood maps in a popular image format from FEMA's web site?  The flood maps include the Community - Panel Number, Effective Date, and Zone Information.  Letters of Map Change (LOMC) are also available on the site. 

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If you don't want Auto-Mapping then you can paste, open, or scan any map or document and label it.  Labels can be any style, size, color, font or line thickness.  Scanning can be set to "Auto" at 150 or 300 DPI.   If set to "User," you will have full control over your scanners' controls.  The HomePuter® software uses professionally programmed top-of-the-line imaging technology.  You can save any map to use again for another job.
Variety of label and classic label styles.

Preview Map Import and Label

You can also save any document, e.g., State License, Certificate, etc., to use again for another job.

Note:   Your building sketch IS NOT scanned.  You plot it with the sketch controls.   There are map, sketch, and symbol labels, or you can make up your own. 

If the screen shots above is smaller than your screen then you will see more of the displayed map when operating the actual HomePuter® software.

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