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Click the "Select Form(s)" button to manage your entire report - the forms and addenda, including the photo, sketch, map, and misc. document pages.  You can add any form, addendum, or extra document that you want.

It has never been easier to print your entire report at one time to a printer, fax, or Adobe Acrobat PDF Writer. 

For clients requiring delivery by Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac MISMO GSE XML or non-GSE XML click "Save MISMO XML" to save and deliver the compliant XML file with the required embedded PDF file.

For clients requiring delivery by "AI Ready" ENV or AppraisalPortŪ,  click "Upload AI Ready Form" to upload your appraisal reports to lenders/clients via ENV or AppraisalPortŪ.  

For clients using HotSPOT or Sky Delivery, click "Save Native ACI File" to save and upload your report directly through the client's Web site in Native ACI format.  Or, save and upload your report directly through client's Web site in PDF or XML format.  AMCs that use HotSPOT or Sky Delivery are, ServiceLink, ProTeck, and NVS, to name a few.  There are many others.

Duplicate information automatically merges from the appraisal form to the addenda.

Add, Remove, or re-arange forms, addenda, photo pages, sketch, map, or misc. documents. Print, or upload instantly.

Click "XML Security" from "OFF" to "ON" to add FHA EAD Digital Signature Security using RSA Encryption Technology to your XML files for FHA reports or any reports.


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There is no learning curve.

The software includes an easy to read, step-by-step procedure manual.  You can start using it right away.  For more information click:

 Requirements and Features