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Please scroll down to see an example of our Data Entry. 

Note: This example is intended to show our Data Entry and is not an actual appraisal.

All forms and addenda are listed as icons to the left of your report.  Click on the icon to view the page.  Form Selection and Data Entry is fast and easy.  The UAD Interface and extended pick lists are integrated into each field. The screen looks like the form.  Text boxes blue.  Numeric text boxes are magenta.  The text box you are typing in is yellow.  The controls are simple.  The command buttons are in plain English, not confusing picture icons, and easy to select on a desktop, laptop, or tablet.   Easily go paperless in the field.   The learning curve is easy.  The software includes an easy to read, step-by-step procedure manual. 

The Compliance Checker checks for error and omissions and helps you make the right choices.  Just click the "Check Compliance" button and the software will guide you through the selections field by field.  If you are new to the UAD (Uniform Appraisal Dataset),  this software is an excellent teacher.

The Comp (CU or Collateral Underwriter) Consistency Checker, allows you to check Subject and Comparable properties for prior use and inconsistencies in every report.  It also allows you to select and re-use any prior Subject or Comparable property by inserting it into your new report along with the corresponding photo.  Just click the "Check Consistency" button and a built-in spreadsheet displays all Subject and Comparable property instances in all of your reports including photos, with the above mentioned controls.

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You can start using it right away.  For more information click:

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