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bullet100% Compatible to Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP (32 and 64 Bit Versions), operating on any Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, or any other device. Easily go paperless in the field.
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Software Features

Forms Processing Software (General Features* )

bulletIncludes Over 170 Real Estate Appraisal Forms ® Including the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac Forms, GPAR™ (General Purpose Appraisal Report), Lender Specific Reports, Addenda, Invoice, and More, Fully Integrated in One Main Selection Window
bulletLatest 2005 Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac Forms  1004, 1004MC, 2055, 1004C, 1004D, 1073, 1075, 1025, 2090, 2095, 2000, and 2000A
bulletFannie Mae/Freddie Mac/FHA/VA/AMCs/Lenders  Latest UAD (Uniform Appraisal Dataset) and MISMO GSE and non-GSE 2.6 XML Delivery. **
bulletUAD Compliance Checker Checks Required Fields to Prevent UCDP and EAD Hard Stops, Warnings, and Fatal Errors.  Finds Errors and Helps you make the right corrections
bulletComp (CU) Consistency Checker and Database - Allows you to check Subject and Comparable properties for prior use and inconsistencies in every report. It also allows you to select and re-use any prior Subject or Comparable property by inserting it into your new report along with the corresponding photo.
bulletAMC and Lender Compliant
bulletLatest GPAR™ (General Purpose Appraisal Report)  for Single Family. Includes the Scope of Work, Assumptions and Limiting Conditions, and Appraiser's Certification and Definition of Value Pages designed especially for General Purpose.
bulletLatest HUD Compliance Inspection Report.
bulletLatest FEMA Standard Flood Hazard Determination Form 
bulletLatest VA Liquidation Appraisal Addenda, Addendum to Fee Appraiser's Report -- Client Requirements, and Compliance Inspection Report
bulletPopular USPAP Compliance Addenda
bulletPrints the Entire Form and Contents Better Than Any on the Market
bulletType Your Report in 10, 12, 17, or 20 Characters Per Inch  ·  17 CPI is Popular and Allows 70% More Typing in Every Field  ·   Eliminates Abbreviations and Extra Comment Addenda  ·  Excellent Contrast and Easy to Read
bulletMerges Sections and Comparable Sales From Past Reports
bulletConverts Data from old appraisal forms to new appraisal forms, or from one appraisal form type to another appraisal form type.
bulletYou can change your report type without starting over, i.e., from 2055 to 1004, 1075 to 1073, etc.
bulletSearch for reports by Property Address or by any of the items, instead of just the File Name.
bulletSelect and re-use any prior Subject or Comparable property by inserting it into your new report along with the corresponding photo.
bulletSelect Form(s) manages your entire report - the forms and addenda, including the photo, sketch, map, and misc. document pages.  Click one button to print your entire report at one time to a printer, fax, or PDF printer.  Click 'Save MISMO XML File' to save and deliver your MISMO GSE or non-GSE 2.6 XML file, click 'Upload AI Ready Form'  for AppraisalPort® or ENV Delivery, click 'Save Native ACI File' to save your report upload to HotSPOT and Sky compliant AMCs, or click 'StreetLinks Upload' to upload your report(s) to StreetLinks using a special plug-in.
bulletFHA Digital Signature Security using RSA Encryption Technology
bulletFills in Addenda Automatically From the Main Report
bulletStores  All of Your Standard Phrases, Comments, Entries, and Boilerplates for Instant Recall by Keyboard or Mouse Pick List
bulletOverflow Comments Automatically Transfer to a Separate Addendum
bulletEnter Long File Names
bulletSpell Check
bulletBuilding Sketch
bulletMap or Document Import and Label
bulletDigital Photo Addenda
bulletSignature Scan
bulletAI Ready  For AppraisalPort® or ENV Delivery.
bulletMISMO XML Delivery to Lenders and AMCs - MISMO 2.6 GSE and non-GSE XML - 100% Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac / FHA / VA Compliant
bulletHotSPOT and Sky Delivery Certified - Used by Major AMCs to process PDF, XML, and Native ACI formats**
bulletAdobe Acrobat PDF Writer, PDF printer, and Distiller Compatible for E-Mailing via the Internet
bulletCompatible to other Industry Recommended PDF Writers
bulletCompatible with any Windows Printer
bulletHigh Quality Printout to InkJet, Laser, Fax, or PDF
bulletWindows Based - 32 and 64 Bit
bulletAdvanced Word Processing
bulletFull Cut and Paste of Text
bulletSelect Form Color
bulletSelect Entries From a Pick List
bulletSelect Stock Phrases From a Pick List
bulletInsert an Entry or Phrase into an Entire Comment Block From a Pick List
bulletSaves Your Settings on Exit, i.e., Favorite Folder, etc.
bulletExtended Case Number and File Name/Number Printed on Report
bulletDoes All Math Requirements Including an Optional Per Square Foot Adjustment Field for the GLA Adjustment in the Market Data Approach
bulletNet, Gross, and Individual Adjustment Percentage in Displayed at the Bottom of the Screen
bulletExtra Data Fields for Net/Gross Adjustment Percentage
bulletEasy Step-by-Step Procedure Manual  ·  Easy Learning Curve
bulletSample Files and Printouts Included
bulletHelp Window
bulletEasy to Work With on Any Size Monitor
bulletThe Screen Looks Like the Form and is Easy to Read
bulletSaves, Retrieves and Edits
bulletSave Entered Data as a Template, and then retrieve, change, and resave it under the file name of any new appraisal. 
bulletFront to Back Carry Forward of Duplicate Information
bulletPrints the Type of Appraisal and/or Your Company Name in Top Margin (You Can Change It!)
bullet30-Day Money Back Guarantee

          *Some of the Features above do not apply to every form, e.g., not all forms allow for your
            company Name to be printed in the top margin.

         **Click 'Forms Included'  below to view a complete list of the forms that are included.  UAD,
            MISMO, AI Ready
, and HotSPOT/Sky (HS) Certified forms are as of  March 12, 2018.
            These features are licensed separately by HomePuter® via a separate add-on.

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Building Sketch (More Details)

bulletPlots Perimeter and Floor Plan Dimensions Quickly and Easily
bulletAutomatic Calculations
bulletAutomatically Labels Dimensions as You Plot
bulletPlots to a Scale of 10', 15', or 20' per inch
bulletPlots to an Entire Legal Page
bulletSelect the Line Color, Style and Thickness
bulletSelect and Insert Labels From a Pick List, e.g., Kitchen, Bedroom, etc.
bulletSelect the Label Color, Font, Style, and Transparency
bulletDrag and Drop Icons (e.g., Toilet, Tub, etc.), Rooms, Partitions, and Doors
bulletType and Insert Your Own Label or a Block of Text
bulletDraw, Move, Clone, Erase, and Crop
bulletOpen Sketch Files Saved with Other Programs, if JPEG, TIFF, WMF, or EMF
bulletPrints a Complete Sketch Addendum With or Without a Graph Grid
bulletSaves the Entire Sketch and Calculations

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Importing and Labeling a Map or Document
(More Details)

bulletFree On-Line, Up-To-Date, Auto-Mapping (Includes Choice of Road Map, Aerial Map, Topographical Map)   Press one button and the Subject and Comparable Sales are mapped and labeled along with the straight line distances, direction, and Postal equivalent addresses per Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac Guidelines.
bulletFree On-Line Official FEMA Flood Maps and Census Tract, Census Block, and Census Block Group, Directly From the Source, and the Most Accurate and Reliable
bulletScan Maps or Other Documents and Label
bulletScan in Black and White, Black and White Dither, Grayscale or Color
bulletCopy and Paste or Drag and Drop From Any Other Source, i.e., Other Mapping Software or the Internet
bulletShrink, Expand, Rotate, and Center options when opening an image from file or pasting from another program or the internet that is too large to fit or to small for viewing.
bulletSave and/or Open Popular Formats, i.e., JPEG, TIFF, BMP, WMF, or EMF
bulletOpen Map Files Saved with Other Programs, if JPEG, TIFF, BMP, WMF, or EMF
bulletConvert from Black and White to Color or Vice Versa
bulletAuto Scan at 150 or 300 DPI.  Scans Without Complicated Controls.
bulletUser Scan Uses Your Scanners' Full Controls
bulletAutomatic Centering and Rotation on the Addendum
bulletSelect and Insert Labels and Symbols From a Pick List, e.g., Comp 1, Subject, etc.
bulletSelect the Label Color, Font, Style, and Transparency
bulletType and Insert Your Own Label or Block of Text
bulletDraw, Move, Clone, Erase, and Crop
bulletPrints a complete Map Addendum, Plat Map Addendum, or Supplement Addendum

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Digital Photo Processing (More Details)

bulletPrints the Comparable Sales, Subject Exterior, Subject Interior, Listing, User Defined, and Cover Page Photo Addenda
bulletPrints Legal or Narrative Letter Size  ·  The printout contains the Subject Information at the top and the Comparable or Subject Data next to each photo.
bulletEasily Preview and Insert Photos from a Digital Camera, Card Reader, Memory Stick, Hard Disk, Floppy Disk or Scanner  ·  Works with a Variety of Digital Cameras and Photo Formats  ·  Saves the Photos Compressed and Links Them to Pertinent Data for Later Use
bulletLatest Photo Processing Technology for the Best Possible Printout and On Screen Viewing
bulletEnhance Brightness, Sharpness, Contrast, and Saturation if Needed
bulletDrag and Drop or Cut and Paste Photos From Any Compatible Source Including MLS and the Internet
bulletAutomatic Photo Sizing  ·  Easy Cropping and Bordering for that Polished Professional Look
bulletMerges Appraisal Data from the appraisal file, i.e., Subject and Comparable data.

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Signature Scan (More Details)

bulletScan, Crop, and Save Your Signature With a Password
bulletPrints with Any Form
bulletPrints to Any Line on the Form
bulletPrints with the report to an Acrobat PDF File
bulletAI Ready™ Compatible

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