HomePuter® FPS v9.2.5

Forms Processing Software

Download and Installation Instructions

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Please print and follow the instructions below to download and install
HomePuter® FPS v9.2.5

Download and Installation Instructions:

1)  Close all HomePuter® software on your computer.

2)  Click the download button above and save the downloaded file on your computer.

3)  Browse to the file location of the download and double-click the Setup.exe file to begin the install.  HomePuter® FPS v9.2.5 will be installed.

4)  Follow the instructions from here.  We recommend using all the predetermined settings.  Important:  There may be a long pause after starting the installation.  This is normal.  Please wait.  DO NOT start another installation.

5)  When Setup is complete, click Finish and then Yes to re-start your computer.

Step 6     Open the Software

6)  To open the HomePuter® FPS, in  Windows® XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10, click Start and then All Programs.  Click HomePuter® FPS icon at the top left.  

      Important Note:  There will be a HomePuter® PhotoPage icon but do not use this program as it only applies to pervious customers operating the FPS software in "Classic" mode.

7)  Print and read the Step-by-Step Procedure Manual for HomePuter® FPS.

Step 8     Print the HomePuter® FPS Manual

8)  To print the HomePuter® FPS Manual, click Start and then All Programs.  Click FPS Manual at the top left.  The FPS Manual window is displayed.  Click the Print button at the top.  You can also open and print the manual from within the HomePuter® FPS program by clicking Help at the top and then Procedure Manual, Step-by-Step.

Uninstall Instructions:

To uninstall from Windows® XP, click Start > Control Panel.  In “Category View” click “Add or Remove Programs,” or, in “Classic View” double click “Add or Remove Programs.”  Highlight “HomePuter® FPS.”  Click the “Remove” or “Change/Remove” button.  Do not remove common or shared files during the uninstall process.

To uninstall from Windows® Vista, 7, 8, and 10, click Start > Control Panel.  Under “Programs” click “Uninstall a Program.”  Or, in “Classic View” double click “Programs and Features.”  Highlight “HomePuter® FPS.”  Click “Uninstall” at the top and then “Yes.”

The Serial Number on the Help | About window is recorded at the HomePuter® main office under your name and address.

If you have any questions please email homeputer@homeputer.com