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Q:   What is HomePuter® DMS?

A:   HomePuter® DMS is a Fully Interactive Stand-Alone or Add-on Analytical Database and Reporting System that uses Stepwise Multiple Regression Analysis to Determine the Variables that Affect Market Value, and Determine the Adjustments for those Variables, Producing Accurate Sales Comparison Reports with an Analysis that Supports the Adjustments.

Q:   Is this a true Windows based software package? 

A:   Yes, and it uses the simplest controls and most powerful technology.

Q:   You also have a program named HomePuter® FPS.  What is the difference?

A:   HomePuter® DMS and FPS are two separate products.  HomePuter® DMS will be explained here.  HomePuter® FPS is strictly a Forms Processing System.  Both are stand-alone programs.  HomePuter® DMS can export the sales comparison reports to HomePuter®   FPS, for the Residential, Condominium, Residential Income, Additional Comparable Sales and Listings, Appraisal, Review, and other forms.

Q:   What will HomePuter® DMS do for me?

A:   The software advances you to the latest technology in Market Valuation, brings consistency to your grading system, allows you to defend your opinion of value at a moment's notice, simplifies your work, increases your productivity, and establishes market-based adjustments using all of the comparable sales, not just a few comparable sales.

Q:   Is this technology going to put appraisers out of business?

A:   No, it is going to keep you in business.  The guidelines require the same judgment calls that you are used to, except now you have a tool available to simplify your work and increase productivity.  Anyone that tells you that this technology is going to put you out of business, or that you do not need it, is not helping you.  Form filling and database software alone, is not a substitute for software with the analytical power of HomePuter® DMS.

Q:   How does this system work?

A:   All Sales and Listings are entered or imported into the system and graded consistently per guidelines.  All sales are analyzed using Stepwise Multiple Regression Analysis.  Significant variables and adjustments are determined.  Bad sales are deleted, establishing the comparable sales base.  Subject properties are entered.  Sales comparison reports are outputted.  Adjustments are made based on the analysis.

Q:   Can I import sales and listing information including photos from MLS and other data sources?

A:   Yes.

Q:  How do you prevent the unreasonable adjustments that I have seen from other analytical systems?

A:  First of all, this will NOT be someone else’s system using someone else’s data.  This will be your system, on your computer, using your data which has been verified and made accurate by you.  Secondly, when you analyze your data, you are not going to leave out pertinent variables, such as, location, quality and condition.  Lastly, accurate and complete data, analyzed considering all pertinent variables, will produce good results.

Q:  Is it ok to analyze just a few variables, e.g., time, sq. ft., and lot size, and then delete the "outliers," i.e., the sales that don't fit the analysis?

A:  No, it's not ok. Other programs, systems, and services that analyze only a few variables and leave out variables that affect market value, DO NOT produce dependable adjustments. Other programs, systems, and services that use inaccurate data, exaggerated data, fraudulent data, or uncorrected data, DO NOT produce dependable adjustments. Our HomePuter® DMS software lets you analyze all pertinent variables, and gives you the tools to eliminate the bad sales data and correct the good sales data.

Q:  What is regression analysis?

A:   It is a statistical analysis that has been around even before HomePuter®, and also used for many applications other than appraising.  It derives the same results as paired sales analysis, but for more sales and variables in one analysis.   If you were to put the sales from a paired sales analysis into this system, the results would be the same.

Q:   Does it have to perform an analysis on the sales every time a subject property is added?

A:   No, a new analysis is only required when new sales are added.

Q:   Is there a learning curve?

A:   Yes, and everything you need to learn the system is included. 

Q:   Did you just slap this program together?

A:   No. Programming this system has been our passion for over 35 years.  We are making a significant contribution to the appraisal profession.  We are stepping-up to provide professional appraisers with the power-hitting software they need.

Q:  Why did you program this in the first place?

A:   We wanted something better than paired sales analysis and gut feeling.  We wanted to analyze any and every pertinent variable from every sale, for appraisals in connection with mortgage, private, court, and mass appraisal (town-wide reappraisal) work.  We wanted to sleep at night.

Q:   Has this program been tested?

A:   Yes, 35 years ago.

Q:   Have you actually used this program?

A:   Yes, we have actually used this system professionally in private practice for appraisals in connection with State and Local Lenders, VA, FHA, Bankruptcy, Estates, Tax Appeals, Expert Testimony, Land Taking by the State, Measuring the Effects of Highway and Power Line Condemnations, Town Wide Reappraisal (mass appraisal), Speculation, and Private Individuals, for Residential, Condominium, Waterfront, Vacation, Small Residential Income, Commercial, Industrial, Farm, Land …

Q:   Is it difficult explaining the results?

A:   It is a relief to be able to explain very simply that all of the sales were considered, significant factors affecting value were determined, comparable sales were selected and adjusted accordingly.  If other sales are brought up by the client or another party, it can easily be explained why they were not used, or actually make another report using them along with the same adjustment base, resulting in a tight adjusted sale price for all of the comparables.

Q:   Have you licensed this system to other appraisers?

A:   Yes, as far back as 32 years, and we have the support experience.

Q:   Is this system an AVM?

A:   No.

Q:   Okay, do you think AVMs will take over the appraisal business?

A:    As we have been saying for 35 years, it is our opinion that no automated system will ever take over the appraisal business.  Anyone that tells you that does not know what they are talking about.

Q:   What gives you the authority to comment on AVMs?

A:   We had the first and probably the only successful public limited-appraisal offering, appraising up to 40 properties a day.  It takes consistent and accurate data, experience, knowledge of the area, and hands-on by a local professional appraiser(s) for an opinion of value to be credible.

Q:   Do you keep your customer names confidential?

A:   Yes.

Q:   Can I also just use this to manage my comparables and make my own adjustments?

A:   Yes.

Q:   Can this system also be used for mass appraisal, i.e., city or town-wide reappraisal?

A:   Yes.

Q:   Can this system be used for rural property?

A:   Yes.

Q:   In most cases the value per acre adjustment decreases as the number of acres increases.  Does this system adjust for that?

A:   Yes.

Q:  Can I see a demo?   Can I send you my data and show me a test?   Can I publish your test case on my forum?

A:  The system is tested and established.  You can set up a comparable sales base for an entire city, analyzed and ready for subject properties, in as little as one week. Now is the time to purchase the software and get started.