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Software Package 1 of 2 -  Forms Processing Software:

HomePuter® FPS v9.4.2

All in One Package - All for One Price.

checkbox.gif (978 bytes)    A New and Improved, Intuitive, and
         Easy-to-Use Design and Layout of the
checkbox.gif (978 bytes)    Includes the latest Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac,
         FHA, and VA Forms, Lender/Client Specific
         Forms, and AMC Specific Forms, USPAP
         Addenda, Map, Sketch, and Photo Addenda,
         Text/Image Addenda, and more
checkbox.gif (978 bytes)    Free Building Sketch/Floor Plan Processor
checkbox.gif (978 bytes)    Auto-Mapping - On-Line, and Up-To-Date.
         Subject and Comparables are Mapped and
         Labeled Along with the Straight Line Distances
         and Postal Equivalent Addresses.   Also
         includes Aerial and Topographical
         Auto-Mapping.   Maps Sales, Listings, and
         Rentals on One Map or Separate Maps.
checkbox.gif (978 bytes)    Free On-Line Official FEMA Flood Maps and
         Census Tract, Census Block, and Census
         Block Group, Directly From the Source, and
         the Most Accurate and Reliable.
checkbox.gif (978 bytes)    Free Photo Imaging
checkbox.gif (978 bytes)    Free Signature Scan
checkbox.gif (978 bytes)    Adobe PDF Compatible
checkbox.gif (978 bytes)    GPAR™ General Purpose Appraisal Report
checkbox.gif (978 bytes)    New ERC® Summary Appraisal Report
         (Licensed Separately)
checkbox.gif (978 bytes)    UAD Ready - 100% Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac
         /FHA / FHA EAD / VA Compliant
checkbox.gif (978 bytes)    UAD and FHA EAD Compliance Checker -
         Checks  Required Fields to Prevent UCDP and
         FHA EAD Hard Stops, Warnings, and Fatal
         Errors.  Finds Errors and Helps you make the
         right corrections.
checkbox.gif (978 bytes)    Comp (CU) Consistency Checker - Allows you
         to check Subject and Comparable properties
         for prior use and inconsistencies in every
         report. It also allows you to select and re-use
         any prior Subject or Comparable property by
         inserting it into your new report along with the
         corresponding photo.
checkbox.gif (978 bytes)    XML Delivery to Lenders and AMCs -
         MISMO 2.6 GSE and non-GSE XML -
        100% Fannie Mae /Freddie Mac / FHA /
         FHA EAD / VA Compliant
checkbox.gif (978 bytes)    AI Ready™ (AppraisalPort® , ENV, or XML
checkbox.gif (978 bytes)    Xome Plug-In Delivery (Formerly Assurant and
checkbox.gif (978 bytes)    ACI HotSPOT and Sky Delivery Certified -
         Used by Certain Major AMCs to process PDF,
         and XML reports.

checkbox.gif (978 bytes)    Digital Signature Security using RSA
         Encryption Technology per the new FHA EAD
         Specifications that can be used right now for any
         XML report
checkbox.gif (978 bytes)    100% Compatible to Windows 11, 10,  8,  7, 
         Vista and XP, operating on any Desktop, Laptop,
         or Tablet.  Easily go paperless in the field.
checkbox.gif (978 bytes)    Rock Solid Programming - No Glitches, No Bugs,
         No Lockups, and No Crashes
checkbox.gif (978 bytes)    AMC, Lender, and Private Work Compliant
checkbox.gif (978 bytes)    30 Day Money Back Guarantee
checkbox.gif (978 bytes)    Expert and Prompt Technical Assistance 7 Days
         a Week

checkbox.gif (978 bytes)    Operates on any single monitor, or multiple
         monitors, touch screen or non-touch screen.  A
         24" pivot monitor is shown below, rotated 90
         degrees to display the entire form.  

Screen Form Animation 2.gif (149043 bytes)


$249 - Complete
Price is Subject to Change Without Notice.

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Software Package 2 of 2 -   Decision Making Software:


HomePuter® DMS v2.4

Sales Comparison Analysis for Individual or Mass Appraisal
Using Regression Analysis, for Appraisers and Assessors.

HomePuter® DMS v2.4 is a Database, Analysis, and Reporting System, for Sales and Listings, that uses Stepwise Multiple Regression Analysis to Determine the Significant Variables, i.e., Location, Quality, Condition, GLA, etc., that Affect Market Value, and Determine the Adjustments (what Fannie Mae calls Market Derived Adjustments) for those Variables, Producing Accurate Sales Comparison Reports for Subject Properties with an Analysis that Supports the Adjustments.

Developed over 40 years and now in its second version, HomePuter® DMS v2.4 is loaded with features, and built on decades of hard core professional appraisal and programming experience.  As far back as 1980, HomePuter® DMS has been used professionally for appraisals in connection with Lenders, VA, FHA, Bankruptcy, Estates, Tax Appeals, Expert Testimony, Land Taking by the State, Measuring the Effects of Highway and Power Line Condemnations, Town Wide Reappraisal (mass appraisal), Speculation, and Private Individuals, for Residential, Condominium, Waterfront, Vacation, Small Residential Income, Commercial, Industrial, Farms, and Land.

For Appraising:  Residential, Condominium, Waterfront, Commercial, Industrial, Farm, and Land, in Urban, Suburban, and Rural locations

The Best and Most Professional Real Estate Market Valuation Software

checkbox.gif (978 bytes)    Imports Comparable Sales or Listings Data from MLS or any other Data Source.

checkbox.gif (978 bytes)    Imported Data can be changed for accuracy and completeness, i.e., fully interactive.

checkbox.gif (978 bytes)    Uses Stepwise Multiple Regression Analysis to analyze the data and determine the Significant Variables and Adjustments.

checkbox.gif (978 bytes)    Analyzes up to 31 Variables in One Analysis: Time, Location, Land Size and Topography and Shape, Frontage, View, Design, Quality, Age, Condition, Rooms, Bedrooms, Baths, GLA, Basement %, Finished Basement, Functional Utility, Heating/Cooling, Garage(s)/Carport, Pool(s), Porch(es) / Patio(s) / Deck(s), Energy Efficient Items, Other Building(s), Fireplace(s), Units, Financing, Concessions, Days on Market, End Unit, Corner Location, Floor Location, HOA Mo. Assessment, and Common Elements.

checkbox.gif (978 bytes)    No more paired sales analysis, guess work, gut feeling, or programs with inferior analytics that omit pertinent variables from the Analysis.  Note: Omitting pertinent variables, i.e., not analyzing all variables that can affect market value, can result in adjustments that are not dependable. 

checkbox.gif (978 bytes)    All Adjustments are Market Derived and Made by the Analysis and the Analysis supports the Adjustments.

checkbox.gif (978 bytes)    Minimizes Fannie Mae CU feedback by supporting adjustments with the most comparable, accurate, and consistent market data and analysis.

checkbox.gif (978 bytes)    Fannie Mae Guidelines require Sales Comparison adjustments to be "Market Derived," including the adjustments for Sales and Financing Concessions.  Omitting pertinent variables, i.e., not analyzing all variables that can affect market value, can result in adjustments that are not dependable. 

checkbox.gif (978 bytes)    Generates Sales or Listing Comparison Reports to Printer, PDF, or HomePuter® FPS

checkbox.gif (978 bytes)    Operates as stand-alone software, or as add-on software to the HomePuter® FPS software.

checkbox.gif (978 bytes)    High Degree of Accuracy - Exceeds Any Standards or Guidelines

checkbox.gif (978 bytes)    For All Types of Real Estate including land, in Urban, Suburban, & Rural Locations

checkbox.gif (978 bytes)    Expert and Prompt Technical Assistance, Advice, and Guidance is 7 days a Week.  This is the regression based system that is worth learning and using for your entire professional career.

checkbox.gif (978 bytes)    100% Windows Based and 100% Compatible to Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.

checkbox.gif (978 bytes)    30 Day Money Back Guarantee

$199 - Complete
Price is Subject to Change Without Notice.


Welcome to www.homeputer.comHomePuter® is an independently owned and operated company with decades of appraisal and programming experience, specializing in designing and selling Windows based Real Estate Appraisal Software.  This Web site was designed by HomePuter®.  It provides information and on-line ordering for our latest Report Processing Software, HomePuter® FPS 9.4.2, and our latest Stepwise Multiple Regression Analysis based Decision Making Software, HomePuter® DMS 2.4.

Software Package 1: The HomePuter® FPS 9.4.2 includes software for the latest appraisal forms and addenda, building sketch processor, importing and labeling maps or documents, digital photo addenda, signature scan, Compliance Checker, UAD (Uniform Appraisal Dataset) Interface, Fannie Mae/FreddieMac /FHA / VA MISMO 2.6 GSE and non-GSE XML delivery, AI Ready™(AppraisalPort® and ENV delivery), Xome Plug-In Delivery, HotSPOT and Sky Delivery Certified, and Adobe Acrobat PDF Compatible, all for one low price - $249.

Software Package 2: HomePuter® has been programming Stepwise Multiple Regression Analysis based Real Estate Appraisal Software for over 40 years and is an expert in this field.   The HomePuter® DMS 2.4 includes software for Real Estate Market Valuation by Sales Comparison Approach to value, for individual (professional appraisers) or mass appraisal (assessors), all for one low price - $199.


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